Scholar and Feminist Conference IX program, 1982, page 3

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Afternoon Workshops

. Power, Sexuality and the Organization of Vision

Mary Ann Doane, Brown University
Barbara Kruger, Artist

Lacan: Language and Desire
Maire Kurrilr, Barnard College

Political Organizing Around Sexual Issues
Cheryl /ldams, lesbian Feminist Liberation
Noreen Ccinnell, NYC Planned Parenthood

Brett Harvey, No More Nice Girls

Pornography and the Construction of a Female Subject
Bette Cordon, Hofstra University
Kaia Silverman, Simon Fraser University

Teen Romance: The Sexual Politics of Age Relations
Camille Bristozo, The Center for Public /ldvocacy Research
Sharon Thompson, The Center for Open Education

Everything They Always Wanted You to Know:

Popular Sex Literature

Meryl Altman, Columbia University

Beyond the Cay/Straight Split: Do Sexual ”Roles" (Butch/Femme)
Transcend Sexual Preference?

Esther Newton, SUNY—Purchase

Shirley Walton, Diana Books

Sexuality and Creativity—A Theatre Workshop
Shirley Kaplan, Barnard College

. Aggression, Selfhood and Female Sexuality: Rethinking

Dale Bernstein, psychotherapist
Elsa First, psychotherapist

Class, Cultural and Historical Influences on Sexual
Identity in the Psychotherapeutic Relationship
Oliva Espin, Boston University

Pat Robinson, clinical social worlcer

Beyond Politics: Understanding the Sexuality
of Infancy and Childhood

Mary S. Calderone, M.D., Sex Information and
Education Council of the US. ISIECUSI

Kate Millett, writer .

from the Helena Rubinstein Foundation