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Barnard’s most well known student publications are its most enduring, including the Barnard Bulletin and the Mortarboard. But throughout Barnard’s history, its students have created dozens of short run and single run publications, often raising issues not addressed in the more well known publications. These publications have encompassed themes of arts and literature (including Upstart, 1977-1986; Focus, 1948-1969; Barnard Literary Magazine, 1974-1985; Black Heights, 1979-1988; and Eve’s Rib, 1986-1988); student orientation guides (including The Torch, 1959 and Reorientation, 1970 and 1971); and politics and activism (including Why We Strike, 1970; Calendula, 1979-1981; Soul Sister, 1992; Proxy, 2006; and QZine, 2005). This small selection on the Digital Collections highlights a few of the wide variety of student publications held by the Barnard Archives and Special Collections.


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