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The Barnard Magazine provides a way for alums to stay in touch with each other and to learn about developments in the Barnard community. The Magazine was first published in 1912 by the Barnard Alumnae Association. The name of the publication changed sporadically. Originally called the "Bulletin of the Associate Alumnae," it became the "Barnard College Alumnae Monthly," the "Barnard College Alumnae Monthly," and "Barnard Alumnae"; it is currently called Barnard Magazine. Initially the Magazine was published once a year; issue frequency has varied, and today it is published quarterly. 

Initial issues were helmed by Dean Gildersleeve, who wrote most of the material. Advertisements were introduced in 1921, and photographs in 1922. Initially, lists were published of marriages, moves, and divorces. Later issues saw each class assigned a 'correspondent' who published news of class members in personal columns. Alums were asked to write in with personal news, which was published in the back pages of the Magazine. In the 1970s the Magazine's focus became more general, with articles being written about the state of the world from the perspective of Barnard alums, rather than focusing merely on College activities. The Alumnae Magazine was originally sent out to paying members of the Alumnae Association, but is now sent to all Barnard alums. Materials published in the Magazine offer a unique narrative of the College's history. Articles, interviews, and notices intended for alumns often acknowledge and comment on important events not only at Barnard (for example, student movements or historically significant administrative decisions), but also in New York City. 


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