Notes on discussion with Robert Palmer, regarding the Women's Center library, September 28, 1971

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28 September I971 Dis cussion with Bob Pa lmer

Separate collection vs. mixed

more visib le if separa te, but mre difficult to administer agreed to explore possibilities of a separate collection. Bob was opposed to the use of the James Room both because of its inaccessibility to library staff, and to stuents after hous,

and because of its poor ventilation which would be destructive i over a per iod of time. Bob agreed to have a womn's bibliography prepared which tre center would publicize and distribute.

Reid Cbllectio n

temporary and upilferable display sought for Reid medals and autographed books util such time as the Women's Center may have space for them.

Ed Hoe Iibra ry Committee for the Women's Center

Bob Palmer

” Iol a Haverstick Elea nor Tilton Suzanne Wemple ?Mari1yn Hhrris

?Julie Marstellar Chairman?

Comittee to serve a a policy committee for the Women's Center collection ed as acquisitions advisory committee.

Io1a's idea of inviting the Women's Council of the New Iork Public library to the Overbury Collection either this spring or next. Bob agreed that it was a good idea.

Offers of Ta pea and Films

Bob thought it would be nice to have those things in the Womencs Center Office; but there would be problems avoiding theft.

Perha ps we shofid rent such tapes first to see if they are what we really want to have.

Women's Studies Courses

Bob would like to go to the first meeting of the faculty embers teaching such courses.