Memo from Jane Gould to Martha Peterson, regarding National Coalition for Research on Women's Education and Development meeting in Racine Wisconsin, January 30, 1971, page 5

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          The National Coalition for Research on Women's Education and Develop-
ment was organized in July 1970 to help provide a more effective national
response than now exists to the educational, occupational, and related
developmental needs of young and adult women. Irreversible changes in the
social roles of American women plus years of neglect of their developmental
aspirations have brought us to the onset of a violent crisis. The increas-
ingly vehement assertion of women's needs engenders conflict, confusion,
and resistance in the organizations which must serve them, including in-
stitutions of higher education, and can create a social rift which will do

a grave disservice to both men and women.

The National Coalition for Research on Women's Education and Develop-
ment is a vehicle through which colleges and universities can coordinate
their resources to respond more effectively than they yet have to changes
in women's roles. The desperate need for population control, the impact
of technology on labor force needs and homemaking responsibilities, and
related changes in social organization, including the functions of the
family in society and of individuals within the family necessitate re-
examination and reformation of women's education if men and women are to

lead satisfying productive lives in the era which we are now entering.
The Coalition is a membership organization with the following purposes:

l. To provide constant and full communication among its member-
ship on program and research development pertinent to women's

education and to relay information to a broader public;