Memo from Jane Gould to Martha Peterson, regarding National Coalition for Research on Women's Education and Development meeting in Racine Wisconsin, January 30, 1971, page 2

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A National Coalition for Research on Women's Education and Development


T0: Representatives of colleges, universities and agencies interested in parti-
cipation in a National Coalition for Research on Women's Education and

FROM: Joseph Katz
Esther Westervelt

DATE: January 26, 1971

A meeting of the above representatives will be held at Wingspread, The
Johnson Foundation, Racine, Wisconsin,beginning at 3 p.m. CST, Sunday, February 7
and closing at A p.m. CST, Monday, February 8.

Agenda for the meeting will include:

1. Report on purposes and activities proposed for the Coalition to \
date, and discussion; ‘\
2. Report on February 3rd conference call with the Board; \
3. Discussion of organizational structure and membership

A. Discussion of sources and uses of financial support;
5. Discussion of Ntionsl Conference; and
6. Discussion of National Center.

Transportation from and to terminals of arrival and departure will be made
available to us by Wingspread. You will be receiving shortly an arrival travel
information form from Wingspread; please provide the necessary information immedi~

atelz so that individual arrangements can be made for your transfer from terminal

to Wingspread, on Sunday, February 7.

Room reservations for the night of February 7 are being made for the group
at the Holiday Inn near Wingspread. Single rooms will be provided unless you request
double accomodations (this can be done upon arrival).

we regret our inability to provide for the travel, room and board expenses
incurred by those attending.

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