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          Can we set up a meeting on Decemeber 23 [handwritten] Thurs. (it can be any time, at my house with):
[handwritten] 673-4285

Roberta Salper (phone in Manhattan in information)
Elaine Showalter (either at Douglass College or home in Princeton, New Jersey, 119 Snowden Lane) [handwritten] 609-924-0832
Darlene Shapiro Levy [handwritten] 533-5881
Pamella Farley, Brooklyn College, 212-624-0170
Florence Howe

early 31 
late 30th
12 on 23rd
late Thursday 30

For Salper/Showalter/ Levy just say you're calling for me.
For Farley just say Florence Howe suggested you call, you're
from Barnard; five of us are getting together to discuss whether
or not we should have a regional conference about women's studies,
questions, programs . . . .