Report of the Director of Placement and Career Planning to the President, 1970-1971, page 5

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Placement and Career Planning

It will be important to further promote and develop the Hometown

"Program and to encourage students who_have an opportunity to work out-

side the program to do so. It is unfortunate that the best and, in
some cases, perhaps the only good jobs this summer must be reserved
for only extremely low-income~students. We anticipate understandable

-.resentment from a large group of financially needy students who will

_the~last three years is listed below. _ _

not be eligible, some of whom previously participated in the Work Study
Program. ‘


The number of credentials sent out increased sharply this year.
Projecting to the end of June, Mrs. Tozzo will have sent out 771 more
sets than last year,most of them to graduate school. It is interesting
to note that the proportion of credentials sent to graduate school in-
creased from 68% last year to 79% this year. This is probably due to
the increasing difficulty getting into graduate school so that many
applied to a larger number of schools. One alumna had 46 sets sent out
to employers and employment agencies; we sent over 100 sets of creden-
tials to graduate schools for four seniors._ A comparative summary for

' /2 - '-.-
Number sent to

Year . Total‘ 4 if, Graduate School
1968-69 ‘ ‘ 2056 ' 1511
9e9—7o » 1916 1297
1970-71 ‘ , 2687* 2135*

-Thirty eight percent of all credentials were sent for alumnae;
fifty nine percent for seniors and three percent for other undergraduates.


Last year the number of calls and number of placements reached a
peak,and in fact a saturation point for the size service we are equipped
to run. Anything larger would require more telephone lines, more space,
and more clerical help than is practical to consider. Projecting through
June 30; 1971, the number of placements and number of total calls are ex-
pected to be somewhat less than last year. It is interesting to note that

* - Projected through June 30, 1971