Proposal to ACE, Roster of Women Scholars, 1971, page 3

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2) Specific information about women scholars would help colleges
and universities to design acceptable affirmative action plans, to
set reasonable goals for the hiring of women in various fields, and then - 
most important - to hire them. A persistent criticism of American
academic practice is that hiring has traditionally been done through
the so-called "buddy system”. No roster of women scholars will change
such an ingrained custom, but it will give information to those who
seek new hiring practices.

We think that the roster should include all women holding
doctorates, all women at the assistant professor level or above
in both teaching and administrative positions in American education.
we also suggest that the women in the roster who might wish to
consider administrative positions in the future be identified.
We include a draft version of the questionnaire, which illustrates
the kind of information we would seek. Since the material must
be kept current, a regular method of updating the data on each
woman would be necessary.

In order to locate the women eligible for the roster, we hope
you will enlist the cooperation of the National Academy of Sciences,
which maintains a list of persons who receive doctorates annually. It
will also be necessary to circularize the colleges and universities
to locate the women on their teaching and administrative staffs who
are eligible for inclusion in the roster.

Estimates for the cost of this project, which we anticipate
will include data about 30,000 women, have varied considerably.
A reasonable estimate seems to be $60,000 annually.