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The myths and misinformation surrounding the role, responsibilities
and success of women in higher education has prompted the Seven
College Conference to propose and to investigate the establishment
of a roster of women in the academic world. Such a roster, we believe,
would respond to the current needs for information on the status of
women in higher education. At the same time it would provide a means
of identifying women in various professional fields in higher

This project has been discussed by the Seven College Conference
for more than a year. It has the warm support of each of the Seven
Colleges (Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Mount Holyoke, Radcliffe, Smith,
Vassar, and Wellseley), and the preliminary work on assembling
information for this proposal has been assisted by grants from
each of the Seven Colleges. In addition, representatives of various
professional and scholarly organizations met at Barnard College on
January 12,1972 to discuss this proposal, and each has given her
support. Supplementary statements of support for the proposal have
been received, also from others who could not meet with us in
New York.

We believe that this project is of utmost urgency, and we are
convinced that the American Council on Education, representing as
it does the leaders of higher education, is the appropriate sponsor.
we urge, therefore, your consideration of the attached proposal
and your acceptance of the project as an appropriate and urgent part
of the program of the American Council on Education.

Sincerely yours,

For the Seven College Conference

To be attached: Iist of endorsers of the project as noted in paragraph 2.