Women's Work and Women's Studies 1971 Questionnaire, Mary Daly, 1972, page 5

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          VIII. Theological revolution: The transvaluation of values.
Readings: Theodore Roszak, "The Hard and the Soft...", and Alice
Rossi, "Sex Equality: the Beginning of Ideology," In Masculine/Femi-
nine; Linda Thurston, "On Male and Female Principle," The Second
Wave, Summer, 1971; Rosemary Ruether, "Male Chauvinist Theology and
the Anger of Women," Cross Currents, Spring, 1971. Readings from
Paul Tillich, Systematic Theology, Vol. I: "Reason and the Quest 
for Revelation", from Transcendence, edited by Herbert Richardson, and
from Erich Neumann, Depth Psychology and a New Ethic.


This course also is open both to undergraduate students and to graduate
students from the seven theological schools of the Boston Theological Insti

Required Background reading: Kate Millett, Sexual Politics; Mary Daly,
The Church and The Second Sex; Sarah Bentley Dooley, Editor, ā€¯Women's Libera-
tion and the Church; Margaret Sittler Ermarth, Adam's Fractured Rib; Mary
Daly, "The Spiritual Revolution," Andover Newton Quarterly, March '72; Freire
Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Readings from J. Moltmann, Theology of Hope.

The course will analyze the women's movement as essentially a spiritual
revolution that can transform the church's being in the world. Like the fall
course on theological development, it will be a ground breaking enterprise. 
The precise manner in which it will be worked out will depend in part upon the
[experience] and creative input from the first semester course. It will deal
with a number of revolutionary concepts.

I. Sisterhood as a revolutionary phenomenon.

II. The church and sexual caste.

III. Spiritual expatriates: sisterhood as anti-church. 

IV. The power of presence: sisterhood as church.
A. As a space set apart.
B. As charismatic community.
C. As exodus community.
D. As community of promise.
E. As second order institution.

V. Toward the future: the sisterhood of man.

* Spring 1972
Theology 195