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          Curriculum Vitae
Mary Daly

B.A.: College of St. Rose, Albany, N.Y.
M.A.: Catholic University of America
Ph.D. in Religion: School of Theology, St. Mary's College, Notre Dame
S.T.D.: University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Ph.D. in philosophy: University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Prior to doing doctoral work in Europe, I taught theology and
philosophy at Cardinal Cushing College, Brookline, Massachusetts.
During the seven years spent in Switzerland doing doctoral study
(Oct. 1959 - July, 1966), I taught theology and philosophy courses
in the junior year abroad programs in Fribourg. The three programs
were those of Rosary College (Chicago), Georgetown University (Wash-
ington) and LaSalle College (Philadelphia). Since September, 1966,
I have been teaching theology at Boston College, where I am an
associate professor of theology. I am currently teaching in the
joint doctoral program in theology of Boston College and Andover
Newton Theological School. Along with other theological courses, I
am teaching women's studies courses, which are open to graduate and
undergraduate students in the theological schools of the Boston
Theological Institute.

Aside from my doctoral dissertations, I have published a book,
The Church and the Second Sex (Harper and Row, 1968). I have contri-
buted articles to numerous books, including the Dictionary of the
History of Ideas. Recent books containing essays by me are Sister-
hood is Powerful, edited by Robin Morgan (Random House, 1970) and
Voices of the New Feminism, edited by Mary Lou Thompson (Beacon Press,
1970). I have published articles in periodicals such as Commonweal,
IDO-C, and Christian Century. Recent articles include "After the Death
of God the Father“ (Commonweal, March 12, 1971) and "The Courage to
See" (Christian Century, Sept. 22, 1971). "Abortion and Sexual Caste," 
Commonweal, Feb. 4, 1972; "The Spiritual Revolution: Women's Liberation
as Theological Re-education," Andover Newton Quarterly, March, 1972. 
I have given lectures, talks, and seminars, especially for college 
university groups, across the country,