Letter from Alice Richmond to Catharine Stimpson, November 30, 1971, page 2

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inportant thing, it seems to he, as well as to the
other women in organisation here, is that women be

make the administrators and faculties of these places
understand that it is not either “cute” or dilletantp
unfortunately. I expect that, the nails being what

know. My contact in the placement offiice is a Mr. John
Dawson—-perhaps you could find out from him my exact

contacting no 11¢ my perambulations about your campus,
I would be lost grateful. XIXIK Should you be unable
to do so, I can be reached in New Iork at 533-5516
lost of Saturday and Sunday.

I do hope that the somewhat rushed tone of this
letter does not offend you-- I have had an exhausting
daf but I did ant to get this written before tomorrow

’ aerning's mail. If we should not make contact this


week, please feel free to write or phone (617 #92-5449)
as at the address on the first page-- I would be lost
interested in finding out what your center is doing and
whether woaen at other universities can be of any

Thanks for your cooperation.

Si cerely yours,
ziQ:LC1L/ é?2§g2%£4uAdné:g«
A ice E. Richno