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          October 13, 1971

1 Ma. Letty Cottin ?ogreb1n
Ladies’ Home Journal
641.Lox1ngton Avenue
New York, N. Y. 10022

Dear Ms. Pegreblnz

Catharine Stlupoon sent me a copy of your communication to her
and her reply. I will be glad to answer any questions that I can on
Barnard'o Placement and Career Planning Service. It is difficult
to know that information you are seeking from your letter.

It may interest you to know that we do career counseling and
‘ placement for undergraduates and alumnae, and about-one third of
our services both in counseling and placoent are to alumnae. We
see out alumnae at different periods of their live: and help thonV
M to make plans and find appropriate jobs either when they first
graduate from college, when they need promotions, when they need
E ‘ help in finding less than full—t1mc jobs to combine with family re-
sponsibilities, and when they are ready to return to work. We M
devote considerable effort to finding challenging job opportunities
2 for out women, knowing how important it is to help women take advan~
§ cage of some of the exciting changes in the employment climate. If
' you ever have any specific questions and think I can be helpful,
don't hesitate to call me. .

Sincerely yours, . V ‘K


'(Ms.) Jane S.Gould
Director of Placement
'“flfid Career Planning

, w.

1,,-.r. it 4‘ V

JSG:hk ‘ , M