Memo from Catharine Stimpson to Alexander Stein, regarding remarks for the Joint Barnard-Columbia Trustee Committee, April 22, 1971, page 2

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(3) Ib1a.. p. 178-79.

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Recent taeearch afrirua what many have suspected: wanaa'a
_upnd1t&onod iaar of acadomic acellqacc. Matina 5. Earnor reported f9
ii 1968 that at the Univpraity at Michigan 65% of the women she}
studied aasoc1atea‘anadomic success with cansequences thay did nat
dca1ro.Luoo1a1.roJe¢t1on, fur example. only 10% of the men did.
§grnerVconuluiod that her findings; V ‘ L ‘ V, «‘.L

«fig, V ‘J ’ ...ofiggoét that meat women will tally oxp1¢na'

g5. 'M‘ H their intellectual potential only when they do, »,
“T V“ "‘ VL ’ not uaed ta compote —- and least af all when thay
‘ are competing with uen.V(1) k“y*



 Hor do hale undor@raduatos aéfin ffeo of angfiefiy afiaut tho intallaoiual
Lvitality if wamea. An axpleratinn of the attitudes sf Yale students M
gxter R yaar if ca-education is ravaa1;nx. one hey remarkad,abwutVg_r;_f j

L;§§llow atgdgnt:

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VVSha was authorttative and uncwmprcmising. an& k£‘J1 
theae are rea1l1,masculine traits. (2) -V«

ahnnthcr bay aaiit. w _ .V 'jL

' ‘ aécdlinity is that which furma the formal. native.
or génorative principle of the cnamua...atrength. ‘
; responsibility, initiative, aggranaivuneasg ealngq:wM
, Vthaughtfulness. reliability, ceneisteney, indepefidanae.
and damination. Fomininity is the eppafiit¢o (3)

W _éIt weuld We plaafling tn he hble ta dismiwa such cwmmenta as. "‘ g

]hntyp1ca1 pt young men in our mqat proatigiaua univaraities. aflaweveg, _

Lgtfio mature hiring practices of colleges and universities hath reflaat M

Vand help to shape them. Alice 8. Ruasi. in a study sf 188 major

. mpnciplogy departmenta, faund that wumen wero 30% at the dactarql candid§£oa.VAW