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          The Columbia University Summer Session is proposing
to hold a six—week Women's Institute for the summer of
1972. Fifty participants would be invited to attend with
their tuition and living stipends paid by the Office of
Education. The participants would be selected from college
faculty members, administrators in higher education, and
graduate students planning to enter college teaching or
administration. Recruitment procedures will emphasize
"developing colleges" (Title III schools).' The institute
plans to offer two graduate lecture courses, two afternoon

seminars, and a series of special lectures.


This institute will be devoted to an analysis of
the experience of women in this society. We will seek an
understanding of the objective historical position of
women — both black and white — and their subjective per—
ceptions of and responses to this position.~ We shall evalu—
ate the research on women in history, psychology, anthro-
pology and sociology in order to replace prevailing ideo-
logies of the female with a genuine study of her.

Hopefully greater awareness on the part of partici—
pants will lead them to introduce women studies curricula

at their own colleges, work to eliminate discriminatdry