Letter from Hope Simon Miller to Mrs. William K. Benton, December 2, 1971, page 1

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          Mrs. Wiiliam K. Benton
1325 Laguna strent, #6
San ?rsnc1:co, Calif. 94115

Dear Mrs. Benton:

Dacember 2, 1971

I am planed to enclose an official receipt
for your contribution to Barnard‘: Annual Giving


we are most encouraged by your gift --

nnd by your kind words about the Human‘: Center.

An I wrote you earlier, President Peterson
has amid, "If this is the yuar of the woman ~~

ten this is Barnard‘: year."

Tar gift to

Barnard will help mks this come true.

Again, our warmest thanka.

Hsfllsc J
anc. ¥///#/
bc: Kate Stimpsofi: Mrs.

Benton wrote:


Mrs. Arthur Miller

"Bravissima the Women's Center!"