Scholar and Feminist Conference IX program, 1982, page 2

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Check-in—9:OO-9:45 am——Barnard Hall

Morning Session—9o:45-12 noon—Gymnasium

Welroming Remarks
Ellen V. Falter, President, Barnard College

How Feminists Thought About Sex: Our Complex Legacy
Ellen Carol DuB0is, SUNY—Buffalo
Linda Gordon, University of Massarhasetts~B0ston

lnterstices: A Small Drama of Words
Hortense Spillers, Haverford College

The Taming of the Id: Feminist Sexual Politics 1965-1981
/llire Erlmls, University of Michigan

Moderator, Carole S. Vanre, Colamlria University

Lunch—12 noon-I pm—McIntosh Student Center

Afternoon Workshops—1:15-3 pm

Closing Session—3:30-4:30 pm—Gymnasium

Desire for the Future: Radical Hope in Passion and Pleasure
/imlver Hollilmugli, Socialist Review

Poetry readings by Hattie Cossett, Cherrie Moraga and
Sharon Olds

Introduced by Janie L. Kritzman, Barnard Women’s Center

Reception—4:30-6 pm——McIntosh Student Center

This ronferenre is made possible by a gran