Scholar and Feminist Conference III program, 1976, page 3

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Afternoon Seminars

The Female Threat: Patriarchal Ideology in
the Odyssey

Mary R. Lefkowitz, Wellesley College

Joan Peters, The City College, CUN Y

Jung After Feminism: A Perspective from the
Psychology of Religion
Naomi Goldenberg, Yale University

The Politics of Wagelessness: Women, House-
work, and the Wages Due

Silvia Federici, New York Wages

for Housework Committee

Anger As Inspiration and Inhibition: American
Women Writers, 1850 to the Present
Ann Douglas, Columbia University

Origins of Women as Sex-Objects in the Visual

Nanette Salomon, Queens College, CUN Y,

and Fordham University

The Development of Sex Differences as the
Development of Power Differences
Rhoda K. Unger, Montclair State College

The Origins of Modern Marriage
Heidi Hartmann, The New School for
Social Research

Ellen Ross, Connecticut College

Beyond the Mother Tongue: Repression and
Expression of Sensuous Experience in Women’s
Poetic Language

Barbara S. Miller, Barnard College

Agueda Pizzaro, Brooklyn College, CUN Y
“Biological” Origins: Avoiding the Mire of
“Genetic Destiny”

Ethel Tobach, American Museum of

Natural History

The Medieval Church: What Happened to Women?
Suzanne F. Wemple, Barnard College

The Physical Abuse of Women: The Force of
Nadia Telsey, York College, CUN Y

The Perspective of the Black Woman Writer in
American Literature
Joan Hazzard, The City College, CUN Y

Origins and Aims of Socialist Feminism
Barbara E hrenreich
Elizabeth Ewen, Old Westbury, S UN Y