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          criticized the anti—pornography movement.

--The leaflet states that Samois, a group of lesbian—feminist
sadomasochists, "has endorsed the stand of NAMBLA Zfiorth American Man—Boy
Love AssociatiQn7 against laws that prohibity adults from sexually
abusing children." Samois has made no such endorsement. (In any case,
NAMBLA's stand is against age of consent laws, not laws prohibiting child

--The Lesbian Sex Mafia is falsely identified as "Samois' New York
City counterpart." LSM addresses the issue of "politically incorrect
sexuality" in general, including but not limited to s/m.

The Coalition's leaflet and its fanciful efforts to represent the
conference as a sadomasochist plot convey two ominous threats. One is
that simply including s/m as a topic of discussion will generate so much
hysteria that the diversity of the conference and the other issues it
raises will be ignored. Thus the only way to avoid being branded "an
s/m conference" is to censor ourselves and exclude the subject altogether.
The other threat is that anyone who disagrees with the Coalition's line--or
speaks up about her experience with "incorrect practices" like butch—femme
roles——will be labeled an s/m advocate. If this doesn't intimidate dissenters
into silence, it will at least confuse the public about what they are
saying. The function of these bully tactics is to block free discussion

‘and in effect blacklist "unacceptable" people and ideas. Such tactics

are all too reminiscent of the lesbian—baiting that accompanied the rise
of the women's movement.

With their insistence that they already know what feminists should
think about sex-—and that anyone who disagrees must be purged from the
movement——the Coalition repudiates the spirit of free inquiry and the
basic principles of a democratic radical movement. If anything, it is
their authoritarianism, fear of difference, and lack of principle that
deserves the label "backlash."


Please sign my name to the above statement, which will be circulated to
feminist, gay, and radical press. The petition will list your name and
affiliation only, but we'd like your address and phone to keep you posted
on the petition.




*for purposes of identification only.

Mail to: Vance

44-09 Skillman Avenue
Sunnyside, NY lllO4