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/May 15, 1982

Dear Friend:

Many of you attended The Scholar and the Feminist IX, "Towards a
Politics of Sexuality," on April 24, 1982, or followed it through recent
press coverage. Those involved in the conference are concerned about
certain distortions being circulated in our community, particularly among
those not present. We feel that it is important to reiterate the purpose
of the conference and to criticize the Coalition's (for a Feminist Sexuality
and Against s/m) tactics, leaflet, and general tendency to conflate,
exaggerate, and distort. We have drawn up a petition, which we hope to
circulate to feminist, gay, and radical press.

A copy of the petition is enclosed; it speaks for itself. We hope
that you will sign it. '

Please return the form on p.3 as soon as possible (and before June 5).
Feel free to share the petition with like—minded friends.

Thanks very much for your support.