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          "Wow 2 am 1

~ I'n not currently working on am/thing that connects with women's issues


directly, so what I'd. like to do is just tomake some   remarks about
how the wonon's movement has "affected no, personally.

It Ins certainly affected. mr sense of uyseli‘, and ray un-ierstanding of 
any history. It has also changed me in a. number oi‘ small ways, each of no par-
ticular importance,  jointly quite noticeable. I

What is less clear to use is whether, and if so how, it has affected me
professionally. In one obvious way it has: it brought me two fat salary
raises, for which namr thanks to the Vfononw Equity Aotion league, who started
the fuss. And I now have to servo on a great many tiresome Univsrsity oomri'b-
tees, because it is now seen that there ought to be vronon on then, and there
aren't many around, But when one goes sleeper, things get less clear.

My work: is teaching and thinking about philosophy - with luck these so-
tivitios go on concurrently. That's what]: get paid for. But I think, really,
that I go about these activities in the saw way as I always did. I still think
slowly, and that mans I still lave to write xv lectures out in detail before-
hand, because I can't count on being able to produce arguments and examples off
the cuff, onlmy foot; it also means that I still have to. scratch about long and
hard for an idea. I suspeot there are a fair mmtor of women -- at any rate,
women my age - who still feel slow and thick-headed, so tint I'm not alone in
this. That sudden new self-eonfielenoe we might have hoped for from tho wonan's
movement hasn't come of it for us. I hope it has for younger women. .

But ii‘ its way in which I work hasn't changed, I have come to feel rather
differently about one particular feature of the profession, and it's an important
one. What I have in mind is the aggressiveness of the average pmlosopher. I
don't know if things are different in other aeadenio disciplines; I don't know
if philosophy is unique in this rospeet. In any case, I can remember being in-

nonsely struck by it when I was first a graduate student, back in the early