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          To: Barnard and Columbia Women Faculty
From: Nancy K. Miller
Date: November ll, 1974

The Barnard College Women's Center is completing plans for a second academic
conference to be held at Barnard on Saturday, April 12, 1975. This one will
be called The Scholar and The Feminist II: data/text/ideology and will focus
on the general issue of feminism and ideology.

The morning session will consist of one panel which will address itself to
theoretical questions in the context of particular disciplines. Although as
yet we do not have definite acceptances from the morning speakers, we expect
to have three scholars who will give papers which will include both a cri-
tique of traditional scholarship and an exposition of new research.

The afternoon will be devoted to small seminars, each on a specific topic,
responding to and in the context of the following questions:

How does feminist ideology affect data——amassing and interpreting?

How does it affect the interpretation of a text? How does it challenge
accepted ideas/data/conclusions; criteria of relevance in determining
fields of investigation? What are the new questions being asked by
feminist scholars? What are the problems of audience, standards, and
language that result?

Each seminar will have a leader who will present a short (5-10 minute) paper
designed to elicit group interaction. It is our hope that each paper will
treat some aspects of the problems as outlined above in terms of a given dis»
cipline or field, Since we expect to be able to pre—register participants,
it may be possible to suggest recommended readings which would permit discus-
sion on a fairly technical level. we also envisage seminars that would deal
with the pragmatic and/or strategic concerns of feminist scholars. In other
words, we hope to cover a rather broad range of topics.‘

We have begun to think about seminar leaders and specific topics. If you
are interested in participating, or if you have suggestions for people or
topics, we would like to hear from you. Don't hesitate to get in touch with
us if you have what seems to be only the germ of an idea. Perhaps we can
help you formulate a topic. We have provided you with a form below to fill
out and return to us. If you are interested, please let us know before
November 26th and meanwhile, if you have any questions call me either at my
office Tuesdays l0:l5-12:15, Mondays and Wednesdays 1:00-2:00 at X3691, or
at home evenings at 724-2719.

To: Planning Committee/Academic Conference/Women's Center/100 Barnard Hall