Working ideas and schedule, 1973, page 2

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          Late afternoon - cocktails from 5:00 to 7:00 ????

Some suggestions we are working with:

1. We would like to charge a small fee ($5) for the conference. This would give

us working money to pay the expenses for panelists, as well as for other

2. we are considering the taping of the discussions and are exploring various
audio possibilities.

3. We are considering the possibilities of publication of the papers and the
themes of the discussions.

4. We need suggestions for panelists, especially for the fields of economics
and the hard sciences.

These notes are the cullings from several meetings with Annette Baxter and Pat Graham,
and with the conference sub—committee: Harriette Mogul, Hester Eisenstein, Sherry

Manasse, Louise Bernikow, Batya Hyman, Electa Arenal, Darline Levy, and Catharine

Susan Riemer Sacks
Conference Coordinator