Letter from Mary Wexford Scotti to Elly Elliott, November 24, 1971

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24 November 1971
 Eleanor T. Elliott
 1035 311th Avenue
 New York City
 Dear Elly,
 Sharon Avery was la the process of moving the day the
 came here to speak, so that I have only her old address, but I imagine it would be forwarded: 
 232 Dean Street
 Brooklyn, New York 11217
 Also, her phone is out of order and also in the process of
 being moved, but whenever, 11: 1: 237-2026.
 If all that fails, you my In able to reach her through 
 Bonnie Dry, another member of the Committee on Women's Prisons:
 245 East 25th Street
 New York City 
 I am glad to hear that you enjoyed her talk. We were very pleased to get her to come.
 Mary Wexford Scotti