Letter from Gordon Meadows-Hills to Mary Scotti, December 25, 1971

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311 Coryell Court East

Seattle, Wn. 98102

December 25, 1971 Mary Scotti, Coordinator, The Women's Center:

Thanks for your helpful reply to my announcement of a thesis entitled, " an international bibliographic survey of library collections pertaining~to women, etc." I received a note from Iola Haverstick, and expressed concern that LC Subject Headings will be used without change in the subject classifying youiudoing. As I expressed to her, surely such a prestigious institution as Barnard, above all for women, should be in the vanguard of educational institutions and libraries working for an overhaul of the sexist, chauvinist and ethnocentric heads now characterizing those concerned with people and their beliefs, their cultures. I refer you to the book, Prejudices— and Anti athies, by Sanford Berman, an excellent "tract? as he calls it, on LG subject heads to do with people in their various ethnic contexts. Also the article from the introduction which appears in Dec. 15th _I£_I. €— Someone must take initiatives in matters like these; who will do it...? Incidentally, we dropped the thesis route: too big a project, and faculty here was indifferent. Feminists and concerned librarians out in the real community will join with me in a communal, democratically organized'effort. We will tell you of our progress. POWER TO ALL THE PEOPLE

(Gordon Meadows-Hillsf