Letter from Gordon Meadows-Hills to "Feminist Studies," October 23, 1971, page 4

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. As a graduate student at the University of Washington
School of Librarianship, I have chosen the thesis subject
"library collections pertaining to women". It was suggested
to me by William Mandel of Berkeley, California,i%uthority on
Soviet life and author of "Soviet Komen and Their Self-Image".

In recent years I have become involved in issues of direct
concern to all women and a small yet growing number of men, both
from the standpoint of 1ong—overdue change 'within the system‘
and that of revolutionary politics. The committment to work
professionally for an equitable balance in all spheres of human
endeavor was acquired through the decisive.eff0rts of Janet
Meadows, of Seattle Radical Women.

Though the final form and practical approach have not yet
been determined, its scope will be as comprehensive as possible,
including an international survey. There will be a bibliographic
review, followed by an exhaustive bibliography, possibly running
into extra volumes.

I anticipate a great deal of aid and advice from many sources
and many women, and consider my role to be strictly that of a
com ilcr, if you will, and any interpretations on my part will
as a matter of course be reviewed editorially by knowledgeable,
activist women of diverse viewpoints. Their comments will be
appended. '

If you can refer me to bibliographic sources, references,
lists or collections, or works—in—progress, no matter how small
or esoteric, whether in or outside of the conventional "library"
framework, or efforts to coordinate any of those, I am very
anxious to have this information.

I intend the completed work to be an indispensable reference
tool for women's studies or related programs anywhere. Full
credits will be given to all individuals and groups offering gpy


>-help, substantive or otherwise. These will be included in an

annotated directory.

write, Gordon H. Meadows—Hil1s
311 Coryell Court East
Seattle, Wn. 98102