Publicity Brochure copy, June 29, 1971, page 4

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Publicity copy
Pogo h

Fbruo otrossod tho wisdom of givxng tho Roman‘; cantor o otoblo

financial booo. We wore haunted by nomoriea of programs for and
about women which atrophiod bocanse of their look of ooanrod
Ilullilll upport. A Wonoa'e Cantor’: otfoct upon tho livoo of
non and wgoon should be to:-reaching. not Ionltory.

A WoIon‘o Oonter. it its vioion in moro thou parochial.
I111 hopotnlly initinto oprotound dinloguo about the problono,
tho ylgoo, and tho grout potonziol or none: in contonporory


cntharino R. stimpaon

Assistant Protoosor of xfllliih

chairman, Tho Toak force on
Barnard and tho Educatod
71 ill!

Acting Ghairoan. Woaon'a Cantor
Executive Oonmittoo