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Publicity lrechure
W0fl0fl's Center


The Teak force on Inrnard and tho Educated woaau one a diverse
group -- truatoes, faculty aoabera. administrators, alumnae. atudonte --
ehich not during the winter and epring or 1971. In April we issued a
rofiort. calling for a Iarnard Wonen'g center with a director. an
adequate staff. a reoearch library. and living connections to the
college and to the life of undergraduatee.

we had asked oureelvee three questionla

1} Deee larnard college. an undergraduate institution.
have any reepondbility towards women not actually enrolled there?

2) If no. who might theee women be? Ito alunaae? Ihe
educated wenan within the new York area? Wenen within Bernard'-

innediate nelghbhlheed?
3) In lnrnard really showing its students what it peano

to be an educated wonmn in contemporary Anerica?

As we worked, no were painfully aware of the oaye in which
eociety diacriainatoe againt women. roe many people think an
educated wouan leee ueeful. lone competent than any edcated nan.
too many people believe that meet women are lees rational. loan
adveutureue than non. no that educating women io a lee7Lrosti;ieua
Job than educating non. Inch theories put the educators of vein
in an odd position.

A: II worked. to aloe discovered that we shared eovorel

aeeunptiene. Aron; then were:

1) Igrnard, because of its history, staff, and location,