Barnard College news release, "Male Chauvinism at Columbia: Does it Exist?" 1971, page 1

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)\{ ~ —/ Columbia University


From: Office of Public Relations
606 West 120th Street
New York, N. Y. 10027
280-2037; MO 2-8992
Sarah W. Johnson, Director

EVENT: "Male Chauvenism at Columbia: Does It Exist?”, a panel discussion which will
include President William.McGill of Columbia as one of the panelists. Other
men from the Columbia community will participate and the moderator will be a woman.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, January 11 at 8p.m.

PLACE: The Barnard College Gymnasium, Barnard Hall, 117th Street and Broadway.

There will be a $1 donation to the event which will benefit the Lawyer's Committee of the
Barnard Women's Center. Following is a brief description of the Center and of the Lawyer's

The Barnard Women's Center, which is a new program, reaffirms the committment of
the College to the equality of women. It hopes to initiate a dialogue about the
nature and potential of women; new bonds between a college and women away from
college; and insight for undergraduates into what it means to be a woman in
contemporary life. It will draw upon the resources of the.faculty, which offers
a far-ranging group of Women's Studies courses; of the University; of New York,
where many talented women live; and of alumnae.

The Lawyer's Committee of the Barnard Women's Center is a group of women lawyers
most of whom, but not all, are Barnard alumnae. It has been formed as a program
of the center to offer legal assistance to women. One project the Lawyer's
Committee plans to undertake is referrals in employment discrimination cases.
under Title VII. The services of the committee, which is still in the formative
stage, will ultimately be available to any woman regardless of her connection

or lack of one with Barnard.

The complete list of panelists will follow. This announcement is sent in the hope that it
will help your scheduling to know about the date for this event in advance.