Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Linda Yellen, September 29, 1971

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 29 September 1971
 Ms. Linda Yellen
 Vice President
 Vangaurd Productions, Inc.
 280 Park Avenue
 New York, NY 100117
 Dear Linda:
 This is simply to make sure I have the ideawe discussed Friday clear in my head.
 The Barnard Women's Center could do at least two things with films. The first idea, about which I had expressed skepticism, but of whose virtues Whiff Meyers re-convinced me, is to run a film series. Although no academic credit would be granted, it would have as much instruction as entertainment. The theme would be the image of women. There would be a central instructor, as well as guest speakers, and subscriptions would be offered to alumnae, students, faculty, staff, and perhaps people throughout the university and in the neighborhood. This might be organized for the spring.
 The second idea is to set up a videotape workshop for about twenty women - from the college, university, and community - in which they could record their experiences of being a woman. It would be best if a company could donate their machines, although there would be other equipment costs, repairs, and child-care facilities to consider. Moreover, if we had the equipment, we could also use it to videotape Women's Studies classrooms. It was also my impression that you thought a publisher might be interested in issuing the scenarios from which the women made their tapes. 
 I will be talking to you again soon.
 Best regards,
 Catharine Stimpson
 Assistant Professor of English
 Chairman, Executive Committee of the Women's Center
 cc: Ms. Meyers, CAO