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          LINDA YELLEN - A.B.,Barnard 1969; M.F.A., Columbia School of the Arts 1971.

This semester's Film Seminar is being taught by Linda Yellen,
a 22 year old "veteran" of both the motion picture industry and
Columbia University. Ms. Yellen, who is currently working toward
her Ph.d., also at Columbia, has worked in films as a story editor,
publicist, scriptwriter, producer , and director. For the past two
years she and Prof. Lorch have conducted the highly successful
Barnard/Columbia course "The Italian Film."

Her articles relating to films have appeared in the N.Y.POST,
the N.Y. Times, (for which she was college correspondent), the Village
Voice, France-Soir, Glamour Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Interview
Magazine, Careers Today, and the Cornell Summer Review (for which she
was Editor-in-Chief), among others. Author of "The Tenement Building"
and "The Mythmaker," Ms. Yellen is currently writing "The Man-Made Woman"-
a critical study of the roles of women in motion pictures.


Charlie Birnbaum, student co-ordinator for the film seminars,
is a senior at Columbia College. He has worked in numerous programs
responsible for bringing films to the Columbia campus and is director
of McIntosh Activities series "Zoopraxinographoscope". He is currently
working on a treatise entitled "The Phenomenology of 42nd Street-
A Dialectical Enquiry into Joe Franklin".