Film Seminars: Artists in Film, 1971, page 8

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          ELEANOR PERRY - Ms. Perry who has currently completed the screenplay for
"Father's Day" is one of America's great screenwriters.
Films to her credit include: "David and Lisa", "Ladybug,
Ladybug”, "Last Sumer”, and "Diary of a Mad Housewife".

GERRY PICKMAN - Mr. Pickman is president of the newly formed Levitt-
Pickman Film Distribution Co. An expert in both film
marketing and merchandising, Mr. Pickman was formerly vice
president in charge of sales and advertising for Paramount
and member of the management team at Columbia Pictures.

MARTIN POLL - Mr. Poll is currently producing the motion picture "Father's
Day" for Columbia Pictures. He has been a leading producer for
both TV and films. His numerous production credits include the
Academy Award winning Avco Embassy release "The Lion in Winter‘.

VIC RAMOS - Mr. Ramos has been a casting director for such films as: "Midnight
Cowboy", "Cotton Comes to Harlem", "Little Murders", "Desperate
Characters", and the yet to be released "Mortadella" and "Hot
Rock". He has just finished producing the independent feature
film "Going Down Slow".

ROBERT RENFIELD - Mr. Renfield will be producing Lorraine Hansberry's "The
Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window" on Broadway this Fall.

ANDREW SARRIS - Mr. Sarris, film critic for the Village Voice and one of
America's leading auteur theorists, is a professor of film
at the School of the Arts, Columbia University and is on the
Board of the New York Film Festival. His numerous articles
on motion pictures have appeared in the N.Y. Times, Cahiers du
Cinema, Film Culture, among many others.