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          AL FREEMAN JR. - Mr. Freeman has primarily participated in film-making as an
actor. He recently directed and produced his first film,
"Going Down Slow."

NOELLE GILMORE - Ms. Gilmore is a screenwriter and director as well as a specialist
in the subtitling and dubbing of foreign films. Some of the films
to her credit include: "Last Year at Marienbad", "Hiroshima Mon
Amour", "Shoot the Piano Player", "Elvira Madigan", and "Z".

JONAS HALPERIN - Mr. Halperin is head of the the New York office of the international
public relations firm of Rogers, Cowan, and Brenner.

STEVE KUTNER - Mr. Kutner is presently General Manager for Playboy Theaters.
He was formerly head film buyer of cinema V-Rugoff Theaters and
prior to that served as assistant general sales manager of
Columbia Pictures.

PAUL MORRISSEY - Mr. Morrissey is the studio head and chief for production
for Andy Warhol Films. Last year Mr. Morrissey directed
the Cinema V release "Trash" starring Joe Dallesandro.
This year, he is in Warhol's New York studio completing
work on Andy Warhol's "Sex" and "L'Amour", the latter with
an international star cast.

PATRICK O'NEAL - Mr. 0'Neal has an outstanding reputation in theater, television,
and motion pictures. His many screen credits include: "The
Cardinal", "King Rat", "A Fine Madness", "The Kremlin Letter",
"In Harms Way", and many other major films.

GUY de la PASSARDIERE - The Marquis de la Passardiere started as a theatrical
producer and was responsible for presenting major revues
on four continents. He is a manager, producer, and
packager of foreign films and is responsible for bringing
much of the international cinema to American screens.