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          Alphabetical Listing of Guest Speakers for

DAVID AMRAm - Mr. Amram, a leading American composer, has composed music for
the highly successful New York Shakespeare Festival (1956-61),
the American Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Conn., the
Phoenix Theater (1958-61), Broadway and Off-Broadway Theater,
and for such movies as 'The Young Savages," "Splendor in the
Grass," and "Pull My Daisy."

ERIK BARNOUW - Dr. Barnouw is director of the Center for Mass Communications
of Columbia University Press. Former president of the Writers
Guild of America, and author of numerous books and articles
including the critically acclaimed "The Image Empire" a history
of TV, Dr. Barnouw is a producer of documentary films including
"Hiroshima-Nagasaki" and "Fable Safe".

ARTHUR BARRON - Prof. Barron is president of Verite Productions and Professor
of Film, School of the Arts, Columbia University. Formerly he
was supervisor of creative projects for NBC, Executive Producer
for documentaries for Metrofledia and StaffProducer-Director-
Writer of Documentaries for CBS. His films include "Birth and
Death", "Johnny Cash", "16 in Webster Groves", "The Berkeley
Rebels", "James Baldwin's Harlem‘, and "Orville and Wilbur".
He has won 2 TV Emmys, The Ohio State Award, The Blue Ribbon
of the American Film Festival, and The Cine Golden Eagle.

GABRIEL DESDOITS - Mr. Desdoits is President of Gades International Films,
which has served as producer's representative for most
of the major foreign film-makers.

H. WILLIAM FlTELSON - Mr. Fitelson is a member of the firm of Fitelson and
Mayers. This firm specializes in matters only in the
field of information and communication. Clients include
publishers of newspapers, magazines, and books, authors,
producers, directors, performers, and artists in the
theater, radio, TV, and motion pictures. Each lawyer
in the firm is an expert in one of the divisions of the
communications business. Mr. Fitelson founded the Theater
Guild on the Air and was its managing director for the
17 years the Guild was sponsored by the U.S. Steel Corp.