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The aim of Film Seminars: Artists in Film, a non-credit, extra-
curricular course, is to instill a basic understanding and appreciation of
all aspects of the motion picture, viewed as an art form. Unlike most
college courses, this program for Fall 1971 has been specifically designed
to take full advantage of Barnard College's location in one of the world's
great motion picture centers.

Every Tuesday evening for six weeks (Nov.9-Dec.14) students and alumnae
will examine a variety of topics and be given a general introduction to
film-making through a lecture, a film showing, and a group discussion with
well known film-makers.

Professionals with outstanding achievements in producing, directing,
acting, scriptwriting, etc., as well as film critics and historians, will
provide insights and information beyond the scope of any textbook. This
format affords an exciting planned program which is flexible enough to take
advantage of any unexpected opportunities. Additional activities open
to those registered include visits to films on location in New York City,
invitations to private film screenings, and special previews of major films
yet to be released.

Although we would wish to make any or all of these seminars open to the
entire academic community, we find it necessary to limit participation to
300 students and alumnae so that each meeting will function as an integral
part of the entire seminar series. A further aim of this program is to
bring the post-graduate back onto campus so that there can be a viable
interchange of ideas between students and alumnae.

A registration form for the seminars will be found on the final page
of this brochure. Registration is limited and applications will be processed
as they are received.