Memo from Jane Gould to Martha Peterson, regarding National Coalition for Research on Women's Education and Development meeting in Racine Wisconsin, January 30, 1971, page 6

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          _ 2 -

2. To collect available research findings from the behavioral
and biological sciences and from program experimentation
and evaluation concerning the effect of women's education

on women's development;

3. To generate needed new research in the behavioral and bio-
logical sciences and in program experimentation and eval-
uation by member institutions, through contracts with
qualified agencies and individuals, and by the Coalition


The Coalition's work will be characterized by constant interaction
between action and research. Because continuing education has been the
most recent innovation in women's education as a whole, because students
in women's continuing education are chronologically and developmentally
more mature than the undergraduate students usually studies by institu-
tions of higher education, and because leading programs of women's con-
tinuing education have been alert to the necessity of combining inno-
vation with follow—up and evaluation, the initial core of the Coalition's
membership includes institutions having strong programs of continuing
education for women. The Coalition intends to broaden its membership
to include higher education institutions and other groups and individuals

concerned with diverse phases and stages of women's education.

The Coalition will seek support both from member institutions and

from public and private granting agencies. Its organizational structure