Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Jean Collins, December 9, 1971, page 1

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9 Decenber 1971

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Assistant Editor

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V vrxtticlolud is a copy of our brochure; a copy of the report of the first

meeting of the Barnard Lawyers committee, a budding legal referral sari
vice for women for which we have high hqpeg; gd 4 description of our
placement service, which I think a model. one. We would be delighted

to have (Ii write up what we are doing, and I look forward to
talking to you at your convenience. our telephone is 280-2067, and
either Mary Scotti, our administrative coordinator, at I would be

glad to answer whatever questions you haves’ T  ‘

Give my regards to George Bonhun.

Sincerely ,

Catharine R. Stinpson