Women's Studies Reading Lists, 1971-1972, page 7

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Readings in Oriental Studies: The Relative Roles of Male and Female

Creel, H.G. The Birth of China

From the Book of Songs, C. Birch, ed., Anthology of Chinese Literature

From Intrigues of the Warring States, B. Watson, Early Chinese Literature

Maspero, H. "Les procédés de 'nourrir le principe vital‘ dans la religion
Taoiste ancienne,” Journal Asiatigue 229 (1937)

Bauer, U. and H. Franke, ed., The Golden Casket: "Princess Purple Jade" and
"The Emperor and the Two Sisters"

Loewe, M. Everyday Life in Early Imperial China. “Social Distinctions...”

Ssu-ma Ch'ien, "The Empresses,” in Records of the Grand Historian of China,
tr. B. Watson

Swann, N.L. Pan Chao: Foremost Woman Scholar of China

Fitzgerald, C.P. The Empress Wu

Birch. Anthology: Po Chfi—i, "A Song of Unending Sorrow,““ Yuan Chen, "The
Pitcher,” Yuan Chen, "The Story of Ts'ui Ying-ying," Po Hsing—chien,
"The Story of Miss Li," Li Shang-yin, "Seven Love Poems"

Gernet, J. Daily Life in China on theEve of the Mongol Invasion 1250-1276

Hu Pin Ch'ing. Li Ch'ing-chao

Chu Hsi. Reflections on Things at Hand: "The Way to Regulate the Family?

Yen Chih-t'ui. Family Instructions for the Yen Clan

Birch, C. Stories from a Ming Collection: "The Pearl—Sewn Shirt"

Li, D.J., ed. The Essence of Chinese Civilization

Ch'fi, T‘ung-tsu. Law and Society in Traditional China

Bodde, D. and C. Morris. Law in Imperial China

Chin P'ing Mei

B. Y. Chao. Autobiography of a Chinese Woman

I. Pruitt. A Daughter of Han
D. Hosie. Portrait of a Chinese Lady

M. C. Yang. A Chinese Village
F.L.K. Hsu. Under the Ancestors‘ Shadow

C.K. Yang. "The Chinese Family in the Communist Revolution," in Chinese Communist

Society: The Family and the Village

R. Tsunoda and L.C. Goodrich, Japan in the Chinese Dynastic Histories

D. L. Philippi, tr. Kojiki

"Man'yoshu" in D. Keene, Anthology of Japanese Literature

1. Morris. The World of the Shining Prince

H.C. McCullough, tr. Yoshitsune

D. Keene, tr. Chushingura

Ihara, Saikaku. The Life of an Amorous Woman

P.D. Perkins. Geisha of Pontocho

Women's Movements in Postwar Japan. Occasional Papers of Research Publications
and Translations, Institute of Advanced Projects, East—West Center,
Honolulu, 1968. Translation Series No. 29

R.P. Dore. City Life in Japan

R.K. Narayan. Gods, Demons, and Others

Ashvagosha‘s Buddhacarita in Buddhist Mahayana Texts, ed. by E. B. Cowell

The Laws of Manu, tr. by Georg Bühler: Marriage, Duties of Women, Adultery,
Duties of Husband and Wife, Inheritance

The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana, trans. by Sir Richard Burton

Shilappadikara (The Ankle Bracelet) by Prince Illango Adigal

The Thief of Love: Bengali Tales of Court and Village, tr. by E. C. Dimock
"The Vidyasundara of Bharatchandra" and "The Manasa—Mangal of Ketaka
Dfisa Behula and Lakhindar"

Phantasies of a Love-Thief: The Caurapafieasika Attributed to Bilhana, tr. by
Barbara Stoler Miller

Gitagovinda of Jayadeva, tr. by B. S. Miller