Women's Studies Reading Lists, 1971-1972, page 6

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Women in the Late Roman Empire and the Middle Ages (continued)

Power, Eileen. Mediaeval People

Welch, Alice Kemp. Of Six Mediaeval Women

Thrupp, Sylvia L. The Merchant Class of Mediaeval London

Del Lungo. Women of Florence

Joinville. Life of St. Louis

Froissart. Chronicle

Pierre Dubois. Recovery of the Holy Land

Eric and Eneide

Aucassin and Nicolette

Southern, R.W. The Making of the Middle Ages

Valency, M. In Praise of Love

Huizinga. The Waning of the Middle Ages

Marie de France. French Mediaeval Romances

welch. Of Six Mediaeval Women

The Romance of the Rose

L.J. Friedman. "Jean de Meung, Anti—Feminism and Bourgeo s Realism" Modern

Philologist, 57 (1959)

Andreas Capellanus. The Art of Courtly Love

Chretien de Troyes

McCarthy. The Rule for Nuns of St. Carsarius of Arles

R. W. Southern. Western Society and the Church

Hroswitha. The Plays

. The Non~Dramatic Works

Powers, Eileen. Mediaeval English Nunneries

Eckenstein, Lina. Women Under Monasticism

The Lncren Riwle

Victoria History of the Counties of England, A History of Hampshire
McDonnell, E. The Beguines and Beghards in Mediaeval Culture
Phillips, Dayton. Beguines in Mediaeval Strasbourg_

Margery Kempe. The Book of Margery Kempe

Julian of Norwich. Revelations of Divine Love

Hughes, M.J. Women Healers in Medizeval Life and Literature
Christine de Pisan. The Book of the Duke of True Lovers
Ward, Charles F. The Epistles on the Romance of the Rose and Other Documents

in the Debate

Women in America: Colonial Times to 1890
Morgan, Edmund S. The Puritan Family
Bradstreet, Anne. Poems
Wollstonecraft, Mary. A Vindication of the Rights of Women
Rowson, Susanna. Charlotte Temgle
Riegel, Robert. The American Feminists
James, Henry. The Bostonians
Cross. The Educated Woman in America
Adams, Henry. Democracy