Letter from Catharine Stimpson to Dolores Walker, November 1, 1971

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l lovenber 1971

h. Delotee Ballet #63 Host Street 40211 lev York City 10016

bear it. Walker:

‘bank you for your letter oi oocober 26:3. 1 sea glad to hear has you.

liythoudsteaatoashcheileatiethrlayutuitatoeonetolaenard oonettse la the opens. peebaps duh; our area hselval, 11 it occurs this year agsln and 1! the Ilestbeth tlayutuhu found the notion agreeable. Dela; again seemed an autaetlve um. However, I mule: has met about you oulloblllty not about

your expenses, not who your otttelal repeeseotetlvea night he!

fiat I would Ilka to do is to talk to you in the neat incurs, about these utters. Kay 1 call you when the Barnard schedules are more fixed, an that I can be more pteelse about dates‘! I look forward to the possibility.


Catharine R. Stlnpeoo

2.3. I have eneloeed a brochure about the Women‘: center for your lntornsuon.

.. .