Provisions for day care at Columbia University, November 17, 1971

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Columbia University in the City of New York
 School of General Studies
 Date 11-17-71
 To Catharine Stimpson 
 From Margaretha Espersson
 -for your reply direct
 -for your recommendation 
 -for appropriate action
 -for your information 
 -what should I reply? 
 -to note and return 
 -at your request 
 -for your file 
 [handwritten] I suppose you have already seen this. Without any further comments-- we got a long way to go! 
 See you soon 
For use upon receipt 
 Office of Public Information 
 Columbia University 
 New York, New York 10027 
 Telephone: (212)280-5496
 Fred Knubel, Director 
 President William J. McGill of Columbia University has announced the creation of a new pilot program "to fulfill the University's appropriate role in helping to solve the daycare problems of University staff, students and community residents."  
 The program has been established on a one-year basis, according to Mitchell I. Ginsberg, special adviser to the president for community affairs and dean of Columbia's School of Social Work. Dean Ginsberg said the work of the program will include, but not be limited to: 
 -- learning the extent of the need for day care facilities among faculty, staff, students and other members of the local community. 
 -- helping appropriate groups to organize and develop day care programs. 
 -- providing technical help to day care groups, e.g., in relationships with the city and other groups, in the acquisition and utilization of space, and in financing. 
 "In setting up this program, the University is accepting the fact that it has some responsibility with respect to day care," Dean Ginsberg said. "During this year we will seek to determine the extent of this responsibility and how it can effectively be carried out." 
 Dr. McGill, in announcing the project, said that he had asked Dean Ginsberg at the end of the spring semester to draft a report and make recommendations on the University‘s role in day care. A survey was conducted during the summer and Dean Ginsberg submitted the report before the beginning of the school year. The establishment of the program, Dr. McGill said, stems from "our sense of the needs of students, faculty and staff and community residents for day care facilities if they are to be able to carry out fully their professional and vocational commitments and their family responsibilities.”
 The new project will be headed by Mrs. Valerie Jorrin, director of the Laboratory for Community Programming at the School of Social work. The Laboratory is a program in community organization and planning concerned with manpower and related social programs. "Day care programs are an increasingly important adjunct to manpower planning," Mrs. Jorrin said, "because of the growing numbers of working women. It is clear that innovative ways have to be developed to assist families in providing necessary care and education in early childhood."
 President McGill said, “Mrs. Jorrin will direct the program with a group of students from the School of Social Work and a part-time staff. The project is responsible to the University‘s central administration, reporting to Dean Ginsberg in his capacity as my adviser. In this assignment he will be working closely with Paul D. Carter, executive vice president for administration.”