Memo from Catherine Stimpson to Martha Peterson, regarding day care centers, October 26, 1971, page 1

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          Hertha returner:
Catharine R. Stiamlon
any can centers 26 October 19?1

on Friday, actabcr 22. I had lunch with i.-iargarenha taps.-rum flan
the wait of Gcnetal Stzuéicl.

Both Geuaral undies (wtcii. I undentand. the auppott of Dean Warner) and I
'Ieachu:‘a College: are pressing to have the university uubuah
day-are enters for univeruty and eaummtty children.

In there anything we ntfi: do to support mach alfortt? It vauxd be.
as you know. acutely duitdslc tor can untvctnity to have aéequate
day-are factliticl. Ms. lnperuon alto thtuics that Barnard sentient:
could work in the day-can «near: an work-ntpdy program, to be
oponam.-ad by the woman’: Cantor, or pa:-hapn, by the Education rrograsu.
(I have not apokcn about this to rat Graham.)