National Women's Political Caucus day care alert, July 30,1971, page 4

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          of our children. We believe that the parents who serve on the Local
Policy Councils should serve not only as advisers but also as policy
makers. (g) The current appropriation language of H.R. 6748 to provide
'such funds as will be necessary‘ for child care programs is meaning-
less, especially in light of the statement offered by the Secretary of
Health, Education, and Welfare which suggested that no funds beyond the
current level are necessary. The $2 billion figure for FY ‘73 (as
suggested by the Senate) will not even provide for the 1,262,1400
children who will need care under the family assistance plan, to say
nothing of the 5 million children under five whose mothers are already
in the labor force. Even if one uses the Administration‘s conservative
estimate of $1600 per child per year, it would cost over $8 billion just
to provide day care services for this latter group. we hope that you
and your colleagues on the House Education and Labor Committee will
support the more realistic figures which ask for $5 billion beginning
FY '73.

We believe that all the above amendments are necessary to any
child care system which has as its goal the establishment of quality
programs which serve but are not limited to the poor. Further, we
feel that such amendments will guarantee a rational and fair mechanism
for delivering services, as well as a realistic appropriation level.


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