Committees on the Status of Women in the Disciplinary Associations, roster, December 8, 1971, page 3

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Association of Women Mathematicians
Professor Mary W. Gray .
Department of Mathematics

American University

Washington, DC 20016


Grauate women in Science
Dr. Hazel Mfltz Fox

1231 North 38th Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68503

Mdarn Language Association
Commission on the Status of Women
Professor Carol Ohmann
Department of English

Wssleys University

Middletown, Connecticut 06457

Philosophy of Education Society
Committee on the Status of Women
Professor Elizaeth Steiner Msccia
School of Education

Indiana University

Bloomingtou, Indiana 47401

Association of Womn in Science
Professor Judity G. Pool
Dopartmsnt of Mndicine

Stanford University

Staford, California 94305

Dr. Naens B. Schwartz
Depsrtsnt of Psychiatry
College of Medicine

University of Illinois at the Medical Center
Post Office Box 6998

Chicao, Illinois 60680