Letter from Idris Rossell to Martha Peterson,June 15, 1971

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Washington, D.C. 20520


In Reply Refer To: June 1, 1971 INR/XR

Miss Martha E. Peterson, President Barnard College

116th Street and Broadway

New York, New York 10027

Dear Miss Peterson:

I was pleased to read the article in The New York Times of May 23, 1971 concerning plans "to establish a women's center ... to administer pro-

grams in women's studies and to establish new disciplines specifically

designed for women.” Katherine Stimpson will give us a preview of the

program when she speaks at our annual meeting of Barnard-in—Washington

next Sunday afternoon.

My chief purpose in writing you now, however, is to applaud as well the initiative shown by Barnard in collecting a roster "of women scholars

from universities throughout the country, which will be available for

any school or college in choosing and employing women.” There are, of course, other uses to which such a roster could be put. For example,

as you are well aware, Government agencies frequently seek scholars to participate in conferences, serve as consultants, or employ as contractors on various studies and projects. In this connection, I believe it would be helpful if the roster when completed, could be shared with the Govern- ment community. So far as the Department of State is concerned, we in

the Office of External Research have sponsored a number of conferences in the past year and could well have used such a roster. The same is true in terms of our consultant and contract lists.

5 Thus, I would like to urge that priority be given to a roster of women

‘ scholars in the social and behavioral sciences who are engaged in research

\on foreign affairs. I am enclosing samples of some of the publications which the Office of External Research puts out including FAR Horizons, available on subscription from the Government Printing Office; Papers Available, which lists papers newly accessioned by the Foreign Affairs Research Documentation Division; and Foreign Affairs Research: A Directory of Governmental Resources. The inside back cover of Papers Available lists other External Research publications. A copy of the May 1971 issue of the Department of State Newsletter is also enclosed because of the article on the Documentation Center, pp. 25-27, and the article on page 27, "Depart- ment of State Chairs New Interagency Research Group.”

As work proceeds on the roster we would be pleased to have progress reports. And if other ideas suggest themselves in which we could cooperate, we would be pleased to do so.

Congratulations on the important step Barnard is taking!




(Miss) Idris Rossell

Chief, Academic Research Documentation Division Office of External Research

Enclosures: As noted above.