National Roster of Professional Women Questionnaire, 1971, page 6

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Question 20 continued
Clinical practice
Psychological test development
Equipment or systems research
Industrial or management
Administration, Interpretation
or psychological tests
Other (specify)

21. Publications
Number of articles published within field of specialization
Number of papers presented in professional meetings other than
Number of books published
Publications other than ones related to your field of

22. Special honors. (Check all that apply)
Received an award for performance as a teacher
Received an award for performance as a community leader
Received an award for my research
Listed in Who's Who in America
Listed in Men of Science

23, Have you had any job offers during the last year? Yes 1
No 2
If YES: List number of offers.

24. Are you currently negotiating for a new job? 
Yes 1
No 2

25. would you be interested in a change of job? 
Yes 1
No 2

26. IF YES
Would you consider a job in a new location? 
Yes 1
No 2