National Roster of Professional Women Questionnaire, 1971, page 5

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F. Approximately what is the percentage of time you spend in each
of the activities at your present job.
Activity- Percentage
Services to clients

18. How many years have you worked in jobs relevant to your field of
Less than one 1
1-3 years 2
4-6 years 3
7-9 years 4
10-12 years 5
13-15 years 6
16 or more years 7

19. How many different jobs have you had since your highest degree;
Count only different employers not changes in title within same
employment setting.
One 1
Two 2
Three 3
Four 4
Five 5
Six 6
Seven 7
Eight 8
Nine or more

20. Indicate the three activities in which you have the greatest 
competence and write in the number of years spent on each one of the
three activities you check. 
Activity - Number of Years

Management or administration of
research and development

Management or administration
of other than research and
Clinical research/investigation
Basic research
Applied research
Report or other technical
writing, editing