Helping Women Help Themselves, draft, 1971, page 9

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National Council of Negro women
National Council of Women


One area of great activity for many women's groups is in promoting change against a number of legal and social practices that discriminate against women. Many groups need people to get signatures on petitions and for lobbying legislatures. There are also specialized agencies that can be useful for specific instances of discrimination. 

Legal Assistance

National Lawyers Guild
P.O. Box 673
Berkeley, California
and 5 Beekman Street, N.Y., N.Y. 

Barnard Lawyers will provide free legal aid or direct women to local attorneys who can provide assistance.
Contact: Ms. Catharine Stimpson
Womens Center 

Read LAW REPORTER which covers developments in law which especially affects discriminatory practices against women. Write: 

Women's Rights Law Reporter, Inc.
119 Fifth Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10003
A subscription costs $12.00 a year. 

Job Discrimination 

NOW's Affirmative Action Kits instruct you how to investigate equal employment for women in all institutions that have federal grants of $10,000 per year or more.

Women's Bureau publications include: 
Laws on Sex Discrimination in Employment 

Personnel-AMA by Dr. Dennis Stevin 
Order Services  
Saranac Lake, N.Y. 12983 

[handwritten] This is a publication describing what companies are doing [...] about job equality. There is research on what has been accomplished and a checklist to develop + administrate effective[ly]