Helping Women Help Themselves, draft, 1971, page 8

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In the last few years many new women's groups have been formed across the country that [have] been working on similar problems. They can be a good source of moral support and practical assistance. 

1. National Organizations with local chapters [handwritten] should be ANNOTATED 

National Office
1957 East 73rd Street 
Chicago, Ill. 60649

WEAL (Women's Equality Action League) 
Congress to Unite Women 
Citizens Advisory Council on Women
Human Rights for Women 
National Consumers League 
National Women's Political Caucus 

2. Professional organizations [handwritten] Many professional organizations now have women's caucuses set up to--

Professional Women's Caucus 
American Medical Women's Association 
Women's Caucus for Political Science 
Bar Association -- Committe[e] on Women 

3. Equal Rights groups 

4. Religious groups 

5. General Women's groups

135 East 52nd Street 
N.Y., N.Y. 

League of Women Voters